Oprah's Block Party
Oprah surprises her neighbors, Adrianne and Scott.
In April 2007, Oprah did something she's always wanted to do. She paid a surprise visit to her neighbors, Adrianne and Scott, who live in a converted Nabisco bakery across the street from Harpo Studios.

"We've lived here for nine years, and we're so glad we're finally meeting you," Adrianne told Oprah.

During a tour of their immaculate condo, Scott and Adrianne mentioned that they love to entertain and promised Oprah an invitation to their next get-together…and she got one! The couple also invited everyone in their building—including neighbors they'd never met—to keep up the community spirit.

"Since I pretty much invited myself [to their party], I offered to help out with the planning," Oprah says.

Scott and Adrianne make a list their favorite colors, flowers, cocktails and foods. Then, when they mention who their favorite chef is…everything else falls into place!