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Oprah and Gayle got a little turned around on their way to Tulsa, but they were thrilled with what they found in Perry, Oklahoma...real-life cowboys out on the range!

When Gayle spotted men on horseback, Oprah decided to drop in for an unexpected visit. "It's not every day that six car loads of strangers pull into your driveway to say howdy to your wife," Oprah says.

Cody, the cowboy in question, rode up to the fence with his lasso in hand...just in case. "He was serious because he had no idea who we were," Gayle says. "It really was like something out of a movie where the guy comes galloping over to rescue his woman."

Oprah and Gayle climbed up on a fence to admire Cody and his friend Justus as they roped calves and practiced their rodeo ridin'. "A guy who can ride a horse well, to me it's extremely masculine," Gayle says.

"There's something about a man on a horse," Oprah says. "A man who knows how to handle a horse is a really cool, sexy thing."
FROM: Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure, Part 3
Published on January 01, 2006


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