Oprah and Gayle   And They're Off!
Oprah and Gayle start the trip by swinging through Sin City.
Oprah and Gayle   Westward Expansion 
See what surprises are in store in the Southwest.

Oprah and Gayle.   Halfway There
They're 16,000 miles in! Are Oprah and Gayle still talking?
Oprah   Southern Belles 
Oprah and Gayle tour the King's palace and crash two weddings!
Gayle   Home Stretch 
Follow Oprah and Gayle on the last leg of their journey.
Oprah   Behind the Scenes 
Find out what really happened on the road!

Gayle   Road Anxiety 
Gayle explains what it's like to drive with Oprah behind the wheel.
Oprah   Motel Mishap 
See the motel that Oprah just couldn't stay at.
Playing Bingo   Bingo! 
Oprah and Gayle play a high-stakes game of bingo in Kansas.
Gayle and her new friends   Do I Look Good in This? 
Gayle's new friends help her pick out the perfect outfit.
Getting pulled over   Get Off My Highway! 
Watch Oprah and Gayle's run-in with the law!