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One of the biggest productions Oprah's staff has attempted in the past 25 years took place right in the middle of Chicago's Michigan Avenue.

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More than 20,000 people filled the streets to perform the same dance at the same moment. Suzanne Hayward, Jenna Kostelnik, Amy Coleman, Jill Barancik, Tracey Carter and Ann Lofgren were part of the team crazy enough to pull off such a ginormous stunt. "First of all, it was a completely insane idea," Suzanne says.

On top of teaching a dance to thousands of people, the team also wanted to keep it a secret from Oprah. "The reaction on your face is one of my favorite moments, ever," Suzanne says.

Taking over one of the busiest streets in Chicago was a feat in and of itself. "It was nerve-wracking because we had to kind of become city planners," Jenna says. "We were asked to go in front of 50 police officers and city planners, explain our plan."

Although Oprah doesn't like surprises, even she says this was a good one. "Our intention was love," Amy says. "It was a love song to Chicago. When you watch that, you just feel complete and total love."
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Published on April 18, 2011