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To make the last-ever holiday giveaway twice as memorable, Oprah decided to do not one, but two Favorite Things shows with two different audiences. "I'm not a practical joker at all, but I love the idea of having the first audience leaving and then everybody seeing them with their bags and being so upset that they got the second show that was going to be about kitchen appliances and meditation," Oprah says.

The two shows took months to prepare, and the teams took every detail into account, all the way down to the presents, which are hand-wrapped with fabric on the set. "That's what I love about this team," Oprah says. "Our motto is 'Love is in the details.'"

One of the biggest undertakings that goes on behind the scenes is the unpacking and repacking of all of the gifts. "There's 20,000 things to stuff into these bags in two days with about 15 of us in a garage," senior associate producer Alejandro Castro says.

"You can't hire any outside work because it's all secret," co-producer Brian Piotrowicz says.

To get all 350 gift bags packed, Brian says his alter ego "Earl" occasionally comes out and keeps everyone in line.

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Published on April 18, 2011