Jay-Z and Oprah
Photo: Rob Howard
Oprah and Jay-ZJay-Z's O Interview
He may be a millionaire, but this Brooklyn-born rapper hasn't forgotten where he came from. Drugs, marriage...Jay-Z tells all.

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In 2009, Jay-Z beat Elvis' record for the most number one albums in American history. Compare their high-profile lives and careers.

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Beyoncé showed Oprah how to dance. Now, Jay-Z attempts to teach her how to rap! Watch as they improvise to the beat.

Jay-Z and OprahBehind the Scenes Watch
See what happened when Oprah and Jay-Z returned to his childhood home. The exclusive backstory.

Jay-Z and OprahHow Jay-Z Writes Lyrics Watch
Jay-Z explains his creative process to Oprah. The secret to writing and memorizing original lyrics.