Joan Jett and Oprah

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Joan doesn't just love rock and roll—it's like a religion to her. "I take it very seriously, and I think that it's important to do what you love," Joan says. "Rock and roll, when I grew up, really had a context and a meaning."

For Joan, being a female musician who is taken seriously is something she's struggled with her entire career. "I think that there are many glass ceilings, and I had a really hard time in the Runaways," she says. "First [people said] it was either a joke, a fad, but once people realized we were serious, then they started getting mean. They would say every word you can call a woman and try to dissuade you from doing what you love."

But, Joan says she doesn't take it personally; she knows many strong women face obstacles. "A lot of times you're going to get pushback, and I think it's really important for women to try to follow their dreams and push back that pushback," she says.

"Push back the pushback. I like that," Oprah says.
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Published on April 13, 2011


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