Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow

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For more than 15 years, Stevie has shared professional—and personal—advice with fellow singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow. The two rockers first met at a Grammys party in the '90s and decided to work together on the soundtrack for the film Boys on the Side.

"I couldn't believe I was meeting Stevie Nicks," Sheryl says. "I mean, this was my first Grammys. I was the kid in 7th grade who had the shag haircut and the platforms and was singing [Stevie's songs] into the curling iron."

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There is much that Sheryl admires about Stevie, including Stevie's artistic spirit. "There are a lot of great singers out there, but Stevie keeps diaries and diaries and diaries," Sheryl says. "She's always thinking as an artist. She draws. ... She was a living example for me, especially when I started working with her, that everything can always be new and fresh. You're always re-creating yourself, no matter what you do. In life, I think it's a really great lesson."
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Published on April 13, 2011


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