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Michael has gone up against some of the best players in history—Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas—but nowadays, his most formidable opponents are his two sons, Marcus and Jeffrey.

Jeffrey, 17, has been making a name for himself in high school basketball circles, and he says opponents bring their "A" game when they're competing against a Jordan.

"I'm probably a bigger target than anybody out there just because of my last name," Jeffrey says. "You know, if anybody knows that's Jeffrey Jordan, [they think] 'I want to go at him a little harder.'"

Recently, Michael started instructing his sons on how to step up their game. But what's the best training? A little one-on-one against dad!

"We'll start out with just shooting around, and eventually it will turn into a one-on-one game, and then eventually get more competitive so we'll start talking trash," Jeffrey says. "Whoever wins gets the bragging rights."

Michael says he doesn't go easy against his sons. "In due time, they will beat me," he says, "but right now I'm taking great pride in beating them. Believe me."

The only thing more intimidating than going up against a Jordan under the basket is dating Michael's 13-year-old daughter! Oprah wants to know…what's it going to be like when guys come to the door? "She's going to be a handful," Michael says. "I feel sorry for who's coming to the door!"
FROM: A Hilarious Surprise for Michael Jordan
Published on October 25, 2005


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