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To ensure his daughters spend enough time with both parents, Garth and his ex-wife, Sandy, alternate every other day caring for their three children. "We're five minutes from each other in case somebody forgets their backpack or their bloomers for their cheerleading outfit," Garth says.

Trisha is very committed to Garth's daughters. "I can't speak for how children survive divorce because I didn't come from a divorced home," she says. "My job is to make that as good a situation as it can possibly be so that they have one more person in their life that's a cheerleader for them and that wants them to do well."

Garth and Trisha say that communication is the key to their new family's success. Every night that the girls are at Garth's house, they have "The Honesty Club." "You turn out all the lights in the house, [light] one candle, everybody lays down on the floor and touches the candle, and 'what's said in the club,' everyone says, 'stays in the club,'" Garth says. "And I would love to tell you what [is said] after that, but I can't."

Although the club is top secret, Trisha explains its premise. "This is the place that you can say anything," Trisha says. "Because you want to—at every age that they are—hope that they will feel like that they can always tell you everything. And, you know, realistically they probably won't always tell you everything, but you want to make them feel like they can say anything. And it can be about us. ... And they're very honest."
FROM: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on Marriage, Divorce and Love
Published on February 14, 2006