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Garth may have proposed to Trisha in front of a crowd, but their wedding was a very intimate affair with only 45 guests. Surrounded by Garth's three daughters, the couple exchanged vows at home on Garth's Oklahoma ranch. Trisha wore a custom-designed wedding gown, while country-boy Garth wore a tuxedo and jeans. Trisha's mom helped make their five-tier wedding cake.

Garth and Trisha say their wedding was perfect. "It was the most relaxed and happy I've ever been in my life," Trisha says.

"It felt like I was all of a sudden 10 times the man I'd ever been in my life," Garth says.

During their wedding, all three of Garth's daughters, also dressed in wedding gowns, exchanged their own set of vows and rings with Trisha. Garth says it was a special way to allow his daughters to participate and welcome their new stepmom into their family. "It was a very cool ceremony."
FROM: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on Marriage, Divorce and Love
Published on February 14, 2006


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