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After "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan helped Nate Berkus train his unruly pets, he stuck around after the show to offer advice to desperate dog owners.

Libby and Juris say they're hiding a dirty doggie secret that makes them sick. Their pup, Ox, likes to eat poop. Juris says that they've tried everything to break Ox of her filthy habit but nothing seems to work. "I've tried squirting her with a water pistol to make her stop...even a doggie psychologist," he says. "She just can't stop eating poop."

Cesar says Ox's issue may be caused by boredom. "The nose needs to be challenged," he says. "Sometimes the dog is bored and that's when they eat poop."

A simple solution for Ox's owners is to hide clothes, shoes or toys in the yard. Then, Ox will have something other than feces to sniff out. "Give her something to find," Cesar says. "It is the nature of a dog to find things with their nose, so what is more often available in the grass is poop."
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Published on June 02, 2006


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