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"One time after the show I got so fired up telling a story I had to be 'bleeped,'" Oprah says.

After one show, Oprah explained one of her favorite pastimes. When she's driving around, Oprah says she sometimes pulls up next to models of cars she's owned in her life to compliment the owners on their good taste. Usually she just gets excited smiles and waves...but not every time!

"I pulled up alongside a guy on Chicago Avenue who was driving a red Chevy Chevette with the yellow stripe along the side, exactly like a car I used to drive with no FM radio. I pulled up along the side of the guy—I'm driving a Mercedes convertible, top down—and I say to him, 'Oh, my God. Isn't that a great car?'" Oprah says. "And he goes, '[Bleep] you!' And then he pulls off. And I'm like, 'No, really! I think it is a great car. I had that car once when I was 22!'"
FROM: Never Before Seen Oprah Outtakes
Published on June 02, 2006


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