Nate Berkus' Den Makeunder
Nate Berkus
Picture frames as far as the eye can see. Trinkets, trophies, tchotchkes stuffed onto shelves. Silk flowers and dusty candles in every corner. If you're guilty of this decorating style (you know who you are), interior decorator Nate Berkus has one word for you—edit.

If there's a room in your house filled with so much stuff that there's no space for friends and family, Nate says it's time to clean house.

"You have to edit your rooms. It's a maintenance issue," he says. "We don't load up our sink and leave it for 15 years, but we load up our bookshelves, and we leave them until The Oprah Show sends me to clean it out."

Christina, a woman from Louisiana, says her mother, Lois, needs Nate's help to clear away some of the clutter in her family's den.