In addition to sobriety, Naomi has something else to celebrate—she's in love! At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, she met Russian real estate mogul Vladislav "Vlad" Doronin. Now they live together in Moscow.

"I traveled around many cities in the world, but this is one of my favorite cities and has now become my home," she says. "I am very happy to be here."

Vlad is still legally married, but he says he and his wife have been separated for more than 10 years. "We don't live together," he says.

Naomi says she gets along very well with Vlad's ex and their teenage daughter.

Since meeting Vlad, Naomi says she's found the strength to face a few fears. She learned to ski and to swim. "It's great," she says. "It's really peaceful to go snorkeling. I love it now."
FROM: Supermodel Naomi Campbell: The Career, the Controversy and Her New Love
Published on May 03, 2010
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