Must-See Moments
Oprah, Gayle and their look-alikes
Every day, people come from all over the country to Harpo's Chicago studio for tapings of The Oprah Show. But it's not every day that Oprah and Gayle look-alikes are sitting in the audience!

Audience member Caroline says she's often mistaken for Oprah, and another audience member, Michelle, looks just like Gayle. Even Gayle was fooled after seeing Caroline and Michelle on a monitor before the show. "This is so funny because I'm here to tape something else and I walked in Oprah's room and I go, 'When did we shoot that? I don't remember wearing that outfit,'" Gayle says.

Still, Gayle says there's one difference between her and her "twin." "Michelle, you're supposed to get blonde streaks for the summer!" Gayle says.