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While Lisa was able to make a connection for Joanna, would she be able to make a connection with Laura, a scientist who's skeptical of psychics' claimed abilities?

As they begin, Lisa informs Laura that she is feeling the presence of a father figure. "Everyone has a father, so I guess I could relate to a father figure," Laura says.

Lisa says the father figure calls Laura his "little girl." "[My father] never called me his 'little girl,'" Laura says. "I was the youngest of four. But of course in any father-daughter relationship, you would assume, this would be a good guess."

Then Laura questions Lisa about what nickname her father used. Lisa has no answer. "The fact that she couldn't answer my nickname, which if she was really talking to him, I mean, he would know it," Laura says. "I feel just as strongly now as before the reading that this isn't real. She was just guessing."

Lisa says that the reason that she was unable to read Laura is because Laura was blocked off to the experience. While Laura asked Lisa to provide facts to prove she was really communicating with him, Lisa says she picked up on other things. "There [were] a lot of things in there that I think she could resonate with, but I feel she really wanted just hard, cold facts," Lisa says.
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Published on January 01, 2006


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