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To prove her abilities, Lisa helped Joanna contact her husband, Brian. Despite being only 36 and in great shape, he died from heart failure that he suffered during a football game with friends.

"He's showing me a little boy, okay, and it's someone who's very, very close to his heart," Lisa says to Joanna. "Can I ask you, has your husband not physically seen your son?" Joanna tells Lisa that she was nine months pregnant when Brian died. When their son was born, she named him Brian Jr. after his late father.

"He also keeps showing me there was a distance between you and him," Lisa says. "He's saying, 'I'm so sorry. I can't believe I left you at the worst possible time.' He said, 'But look at you. You're a fighter.'" Joanna says that she and Brian had an argument the night before he died. They'd made peace with each other before he left to play football, but she still had some questions that needed answers.

Joanna says meeting with Lisa was a great experience, which solidified her belief in the real abilities of psychic mediums. "I used to believe in fate and 'Everything happens for a reason' was my motto, and I believed in heaven and happily ever after. And when my husband died, I just questioned everything."
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Published on January 01, 2006