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Three years after Lawreen thought up this plan, her and Randy's sex life is still going strong. Lawreen says they still have sex almost every night. "If we don't, it's because we're extremely exhausted or Randy's away on a business trip," Lawreen says. "Not because we don't want to."

In fact, having sex every night has brought Lawreen and Randy closer as a couple. "We're better parents. We're happier people," Lawreen says. "The more sex we have, the more touchy and more affectionate we are with one another. … So we're better parents and our kids, oh, they pick up on this. They feel happy because Mom and Dad are happy."

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Happiness expert Dr. Robert Holden says Lawreen and Randy have the right idea. "I think the big thing, guys, which I really appreciate about you is I think you understand that sex is communication. … So there's intimacy here," he says. "One of the big mistakes I think we make in relationships is that we don't give our best energy to the people that matter most. And I think what you're doing is you're making that time to be able to give some of your best energy to each other."
FROM: How They Revved Up Their Sex Life
Published on January 01, 2006


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