Moving Past the Pain
Man who accidentally killed wife and pets
On a regular day, when Pete was headed to work, he experienced a typical problem—his car wouldn't start. Using jumper cables, he started his car by getting a boost from his wife Jennifer's car. As Pete left for work, he forgot to turn off Jennifer's car. While Jennifer was sleeping, carbon monoxide fumes filled the house, eventually killing her and their pets. Pete knew something was wrong when he did not hear from Jennifer that day. When he got home, he experienced the unimaginable.

"I found my wife and my two animals, and they were gone," Pete says. "And I know it was a mistake and mistakes happen every day. … You can scream, kick, cry and fight, and the circumstances are not going to change. I wish I could have said 10 more words or hugged her one more time, but I'll do that again sometime."