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Both Heath and Jake have been critically acclaimed for their heartbreaking performances, but they're not the only ones receiving accolades. The women of Brokeback Mountain—Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway—are also receiving outstanding reviews for their work in the film.

Knowing they can never be together, Ennis and Jack move on and marry two very different women. Former Dawson's Creek star Michelle Williams plays Alma, Ennis's devoted wife. Anne Hathaway, star of The Princess Diaries, plays Lureen, a sassy rodeo queen who marries Jack.

Anne says that as soon as she read the script, she knew Brokeback was going to be special...and she wanted to be a part of the magic.

"I was just grateful that I read such a beautiful story," she tells Oprah. "I mean, in Hollywood to have a beautiful love story that's honest is so rare. So all of a sudden, you know, you're reading the lines on the page, and you're, like, 'Oh, my God. I've had this fight.' And I found that I could relate to it for a lot of reasons. I was just proud that people were making it."
FROM: The Stars of Brokeback Mountain and Tyler Perry's Next Big Thing
Published on January 27, 2006


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