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One of the most remarkable things about Brokeback Mountain is the accent that Heath, an Aussie, uses to transform himself into Ennis Del Mar, a hardened, tight-lipped cowboy from Wyoming.

"Ennis had very few words to express because of what was going on," Heath explains. "He had this real inability to express and to love and to be loved. So I really wanted to represent that physically and through his voice. I wanted his mouth to be a clenched fist, and I wanted the words to really fight their way out from within. Any form of expression should be painful for him."

Jake says that in acting with Heath, he saw something in the character of Ennis that many viewers don't immediately identify. "[Heath said] to me, before we started shooting, 'I think Ennis is really sensitive to light.' And, 'I think that Ennis doesn't like to look people in the eyes and it makes him really uncomfortable.' I think a lot of people say that he's a repressed character, but to me what was interesting in playing off of him was that it felt like he was incredibly sensitive. Just sensitive to everything."
FROM: The Stars of Brokeback Mountain and Tyler Perry's Next Big Thing
Published on January 27, 2006


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