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Anne, who is best known for her innocent roles, says it was a challenge playing Lureen, who director Ang Lee described as a "predator." In the first scene she filmed, Anne had to hit on Jake in a bar...and despite his good looks, Anne says it was really tough.

"That was hardest for me because I'm not an aggressive person in that way," Anne says. "So all of a sudden, I was, like, 'How do you walk in a sexy way?' I had no idea what I was doing."

Jake, on the other hand, says one of his favorite scenes was with Anne. After making out with Heath for weeks, Jake says getting intimate with Anne was "a breath of fresh air."

Though Brokeback Mountain earned eight Oscar® nominations—the most for any 2005 film—and won three statuettes, the actors say the experience itself was the greatest reward.

"At this point, what the movie's achieved and what it's done and the way it's hit people's hearts... yeah, being nominated for an Oscar would be amazing," Anne says. "But what it's done so far has kind of surpassed any award I think anybody could get."
FROM: The Stars of Brokeback Mountain and Tyler Perry's Next Big Thing
Published on January 27, 2006


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