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Adrienne admits that by spoiling her only daughter, Alia, she may have hurt her more than helped her. Adrienne has worked two jobs to provide her daughter with expensive birthday parties, vacations and designer clothes, but Alia seems to take it all for granted. When Alia turned 18, she received $29,000 in a car accident settlement. Her mom tried to give her direction with the money, but Alia spent it all on clothes and a tropical vacation. "I spent really elaborately," Alia confesses, "but that's just the lifestyle I was used to. I had fun with it. It's just money—it comes and goes. … I want to be a teacher, but hopefully I'll marry rich."

"I'm a girl who will tell you it's fun to shop," Oprah tells Alia, "but after you bought all of those things, did you really feel better?" Alia admits that the temporary high she gets from shopping is soon replaced by remorse.

Eunice says she thinks that Alia will find more lasting satisfaction by reaching out in her community. For example, Eunice says Alia could devote time each week to tutoring. And Maria encourages Alia to have more gratitude toward her mother. "What can you do to help her?" Maria asks Alia. "What can you do to honor and say thank you?"
FROM: Maria Shriver and Her Mom, Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Their First TV Interview
Published on April 08, 2005


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