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"How do you raise children who are eager?" Oprah asks Eunice. "Eager to learn, eager to be themselves, eager to give back, and grateful? … [Children] who grew up having everything, every opportunity?"

"I think you have to be there when they're there," Eunice answers. "I think if you're out to dinner and lunch all the time and you don't have a ceremony at night—at least a dinner together—you lose that contact very quickly. And we always tried to do that in our family. When I was growing up, I never saw my father go out to dinner once in our whole life, and I never saw my mother go out. They were always at the table with the nine of us. So that was a kind of commitment by them to us. I think that's very important."

Eunice and Maria still talk almost every day and say the person they admire most is one another! But they recognize the challenges of raising healthy, respectful, grateful, giving children and are here to help other mothers and daughters mend their relationships.
FROM: Maria Shriver and Her Mom, Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Their First TV Interview
Published on April 08, 2005


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