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Rapper, singer and actress Queen Latifah says she had a lifesaving epiphany while watching The Oprah Winfrey Show.

At the time, Queen was trying to shake a heavy smoking habit. "[I was] really mentally struggling with it—physically struggling with it," she says.

Then she saw Dr. Mehmet Oz's show-and-tell inside a human body. Along with hearts, brains, livers and five pounds of pure fat, Dr. Oz also highlighted the difference between healthy lungs and cancerous lungs.

"It definitely was frightening to me," Queen says. "It was from then on that I definitely knew I had to figure out some way to put the pack down."

With the help of The Ashram, a California health retreat, Queen got healthier and learned ways to kick those butts. "I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to quit smoking and the reasons that I wanted to continue to smoke," she says. "The list of reasons that I wanted to quit was so much longer than the reasons to smoke."

Thanks in part to Dr. Oz, Queen can now call herself a "nonsmoker"!
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Published on February 09, 2006


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