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Renschke Christians and her mother, Desiree Christians, used their Pay It Forward Challenge money to do several acts of kindness. First, Renschke paid for a stranger's purchases at a local Walgreens store. Then, she filled up a stranger's tank with gasoline. "It's actually kind of difficult. People really don't want you to buy anything. They're kind of resistant to the kindness," Renschke says.

Then, Renschke visited a family who had just adopted two boys, Connor and Daniel, from Russia. Their new mother, Sue, said she and her husband just found out that Connor needs minor surgery, and Daniel has hearing loss in both ears due to scar tissue from untreated ear infections. Renschke gave Sue some help with the children's medical bills. "Thank you for blessing us. Their medical needs are going to be, that's going to be our world for the first few months," Sue says.

The next recipient of an act of kindness was Riley, a student who volunteers with students with special needs. Renschke gave Riley money to rent a movie theater and have a party with drinks and treats for the students.

With the help of family members, Desiree donated the money she received from Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge to a school for people with disabilities in Cape Town, South Africa. "We didn't realize so many people had it in their hearts to pay it forward. From the shipping company to the delivery person [who got the camcorder to South Africa], everybody involved in this process was just exceptional," Desiree says.

"We got a lot of people involved and a lot of people giving up their time and energy, and it's just been such a great experience," Renschke says.


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