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Jana Allison of Cantonment, Florida, said she wants to divide her $1,000 to help as many people as possible. She spends about half of the money on study Bibles for a local teen ministry in Pensacola, and then takes pizza and sodas to a homeless shelter in Pensacola.

Jana continues her challenge by doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers. She buys flowers and puts them on the doorsteps of an apartment complex for senior citizens. "They're not going to know who they're from, but hopefully it will brighten up someone's day," Jana says.

With her husband's help, Jana gives food to a homeless man named William, who was standing outside holding a sign asking for help. William says he has been on the streets for 30 years, and he was grateful for the food. "God bless you, lovely lady, and may God be with you. Happy holidays," William says.

Jana then gives groceries and a $50 gift card to Wal-Mart to an elderly woman. "I appreciate this. I was wondering what I'm going to do next week," the woman says. Jana then knocks on a random apartment door and gives another woman the same surprise. To complete her challenge, Jana and her husband give a woman $200 towards a car.

"It's an experience that is once in a lifetime that I have learned so much from. And as the time went and I helped people throughout this whole week, it just gave me a good feeling inside knowing I was able to help others," Jana says.

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