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Next up, Hope and Wendi went to The Northern Westchester Shelter to put the rest of their Pay It Forward Challenge money to good use.

Since opening in 1997, the shelter, a non-profit organization that provides a safe haven for domestic abuse survivors, has averaged between 103 and 165 residents per year. Executive director CarlLa Horton told Hope and Wendi the shelter was having trouble finding funds to finish a remodeling project to fix the wear and tear on the home. To help relieve the financial burden of the remodel, Hope and Wendi decided to throw a kick-off party for the shelter's "Adopt-a-Room" project. People from all over the community were invited to come and show their support. They even got a letter from their Chappaqua neighbor Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the eve of Election Day!

The response to their invitation was beyond their wildest dreams. Friends came up with pledges of money, time and materials to help remodel the shelter, and Hope and Wendi were once again struck by the generosity of their community. So far, their efforts have raised over $20,000 for the "Adopt-a-Room" project.

With the money they had left, Hope and Wendi surprised a few deserving people in their town. An employee of the Chappaqua Market who always had a smile and a kind word for them received a gift certificate for a manicure, as did a friendly woman at the pharmacy. And finally, the ladies treated the hard-working men of the Chappaqua Fire Department to some well-deserved pizza!