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For Connie Miller, doing Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge was a very emotional experience. In August 2006, Connie's mother passed away. The night before she died, Connie's mother gave her a gift Connie will treasure forever. "The gift that my mother gives me by saying that she loved me the night before she died is very important to me," Connie says. "I want that gift to be given to another family."

In honor of her mother, Connie decided to give her $1,000 Bank of America gift card to Kairos Dwelling, a non-profit hospice center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. All services at Kairos are free of charge, and the center has become a model for others throughout the country.

Connie tours the four-bedroom facility and meets with Kairos Dwelling Director Sue Shaw. "It's a community that cares for one another and it's a family, and we just are here to support our family and to support each other through the dying process," Sue says. "It's really truly a celebration of life at Kairos."


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