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Diane Mapes, of Chesterfield, Missouri, gave her $1,000 from Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge to an organization that gathers clothes for neglected and abused children. And she helped even further by raising thousands more for the cause!

Diane met Phyllis Jones of the Helping Hands, Healing Hearts organization at her church. Phyllis, a mother of three, who has adopted an additional six children and is the legal guardian to another, started the charity in 1999 when she realized the great need foster children have for clothing and other items. "It's taking clothes that someone can't use anymore or [if they] don't have anyone to pass it down to, to pass it down to a foster child," Phyllis says.

In addition to providing clothes, Phyllis's organization also throws a Christmas party every year for children in foster care. This year, Phyllis is expecting about 1,000 children, and her goal is to give each child at least 10 gifts.

To raise additional money for Helping Hands, Healing Hearts, Diane started an e-mail chain asking for donations. Her goal was to match the $1,000 from the Oprah's Pay It Forward Challenge.

"It's almost like I'm on a kindness high or something, because I've been calling my friends like, 'Oh my gosh. This is so exciting.' I'm getting checks to give to Phyllis to help her out with her cause, and she is an amazing woman," Diane says.

Through her efforts, Diane was able to present Phyllis with a check for an additional $3,500! "I highly recommend that everybody go out and do random acts of kindness and just do good things for people," Diane says. "The world would be such a different place, and what a wonderful feeling you'll have every day."


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