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Francesca Muhlbaier used the challenge as an opportunity to teach children how they could help others, too. She asked students at Villa Cresta Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, to write essays telling how they would use $100 to spread kindness to someone in their community. The three winning essay writers received $100 to fulfill their plans to help the needy.

For the second part of her challenge, Francesca chose a project close to her heart. When Francesca was on a trip in Kenya, she saw firsthand the hardships that some people go through in order to get water to survive. "In these small villages where there was just no electricity, no running water, people walk miles daily to try and get water from these small water holes—it's just mud basically," Francesca says.

With help from her mother Ana Santa Ana and friend Laura Mullins—who each contributed her $1,000 challenge money to the cause—Francesca was inspired to make a difference for the villages in Africa—and did she ever! Francesca raised $12,225 for the charity Kids for the Kingdom, a group that helps build wells in Kenyan villages. A representative of the charity told Francesca that each well they build can provide water for a few thousand people!

"I'm just so honored to be a part of this very cool movement," Francesca says. "And I'm just so thankful that I was able to get this thousand dollars to start a movement."