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In her 20 years as a nurse, Kimberly Massetti has taken care of a lot of patients. However, when stomach pains ended up being ovarian cancer, Kimberly became a patient herself. Doctors performed surgery on the slow-growing cancer, and Kimberly was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation. Two years later, she's doing great and looking for a way to help other patients.

Kimberly decides to give the gift of relaxation to people undergoing chemotherapy at the Moffitt Cancer Center in the Tampa, Florida, area, and she quickly goes on an iPod shuffle shopping spree! Kimberly spends $900 on 10 iPod shuffles and another $100 on relaxing CDs to load onto the music players.

Kimberly says the challenge helps her come "full circle" not only with her experience, but also with a family loss. Just a year ago, her father-in-law visited Moffitt once before passing away from a complication. "It's giving me some closure," she says.

On the day of the giveaway, local television stations and newspapers flock to the clinic to cover the big event. The clinic operations manager says this small gesture can make a big difference for her patients, some of whom undergo six hours of treatment at a time.

The patients are touched by Kimberly's gesture. "I thought, 'Well, what a great idea,'" one woman tells Kimberly. "Of course, I didn't realize that you had cancer and all. But just to think of us out here, that's wonderful."

At the end of the day, Kimberly is ready for more! "I intend to do this every year at the holidays and keep that experience fresh and alive in my home," she says. "It's been fantastic."


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