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Finally Tim and Gayle decided to break the news to Oprah!

"You know your hair, it's kind of flat," Tim says. "I miss the big hair."

"I'm wondering," Gayle asks, "is Andre [Oprah's hairstylist] mad at you?"

But it wasn't just Tim and Gayle who were worried about those follicles. Oprah's inbox was bursting with "constructive criticism" from viewers around the world.

Some of their comments include:
  • "Oprah, whoever talked you into that hair experiment should be sent to Siberia."
  • "You're a beautiful lady inside and out, but what the hell are you doing with your hair?"
  • "I'm watching you now and I just want to know, did your hairdresser have too much to drink or what?
  • "Your new straight style is worse than the 'Tina Turner wig.'"

Now, Oprah wants to set the record "straight!" "Black people have different hair than white people. When we have a perm relaxer on our heads it flattens it out. So when you do the perm, you should wait a couple days before going on the air. The problem has been fixed, okay!?"

Go back in time to Oprah's wildest styles!

But Oprah also warns that you may see the "flat head" hairdo a few more times. "Just know that you might see a few more episodes that feature my now-famous 'flat head.' Those shows are pre-taped so there's nothing we can do about it. So when you see the 'flat head,' know that I have heard you."
FROM: Oprah's Bad Hair Day!
Published on October 13, 2005