Gerald and Oprah
In an interview with Barbara Walters, Mo'Nique said the only apology she ever received from Gerald was when he said, "If you think I did something wrong, then I'm sorry." Gerald says he said those words because he couldn't admit that he had done anything he shouldn't have. "I just couldn't believe that I did it to my own sister. That was hard for me," he says. "I can only hope by coming forth today, since I couldn't reach out to her, that ... somewhere along the line with the apology and the truth of it finally coming out after 37 years, that hopefully somewhere, somehow ... we can come back together as brother and sister and say: 'You know what? This happened. I'm sorry that it happened. I'm sorry that it happened to you, and that I was the perpetrator, the one that did it to you. However, I understand your pain. I, too, was there. Now lets share this together and move on. Let's help someone else.'"

Gerald says the fact that he was fuel for Mo'Nique's performance in Precious makes him feel like "a piece of crap." He says he has an especially hard time watching the last scene in the movie, in which Mary explains that the reason she hates her daughter is that Precious' father chose her over Mary. "That scene was Mo'Nique going to my mother saying, 'My brother did this to me,' and my mother asking me, did I do this, and I said no. I saw her pain and my pain right then and there."
FROM: Exclusive: Accused of Molesting Her: Mo'Nique's Brother Comes Forward
Published on April 19, 2010


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