Rather than being angry that Mo'Nique has publicly described him as a monster, Gerald says he is happy for her. "I'm proud that she was able to finally get to a place that she could relinquish her pain," he says.

Gerald says the abuse began when Mo'Nique was about 7 years old. Though he acknowledges now that it was wrong, he says he never knew the true depth of the pain he caused his sister. "I accepted it as being the norm," he says. "I started using cocaine, heroine, alcohol at the age of 11. I used these drugs to hide my own pain. Fear at that age kept me from acknowledging my own abuse."

Eventually, however, Gerald says he went from victim to perpetrator. "The drugs weren't an excuse. They just allowed me and afforded me the opportunity to do the things that were in the back of my mind as a kid that I always wanted to do," he says. "Most of the time, the abuse that I did with my sister took place while she was asleep [or] the appearance that she was asleep." 
FROM: Exclusive: Accused of Molesting Her: Mo'Nique's Brother Comes Forward
Published on April 19, 2010


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