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Celine and award-winning photographer Anne Geddes first met when a 9-year-old friend of Anne's, and huge Celine Dion fan, was dying of cancer. Anne heard Celine liked her work, so she asked Celine to write this special little girl a note. When Celine showed up at the hospital, this union began. Anne later took photos of René-Charles when he was just three weeks old. Celine and Anne then partnered to create this beautiful book featuring 80 photos of babies, some with Celine, and CD Miracle. It was labor of love for both.

Oprah: How do you get the babies to pose in the flowers?

Anne: Photographing flowers has always been one of my real loves, apart from the babies. So we photograph the flowers first and then we decide where we're going to put the babies and then cut the soft foam shapes and lay the babies in them. It's a little bit more complicated than that and in the computer we put them both together. ... When [the babies are] asleep, they're very supple. They like to be folded. It's like being back in the womb...you see it.

Celine: I'm telling you, doing this was like taking those babies so close to my skin, my neck, I could breathe them. Oh...I wanted to take all of them home!
FROM: Miracle Babies with Celine Dion
Published on October 14, 2004


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