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Celine Dion loves everything about her son, René-Charles, and knows she's spoiling him. She says she and her husband, René, regularly take René-Charles to Chuck E. Cheese and on miniature golf outings. René and René-Charles especially like to golf together. "You know what he does," René says. "He hits the ball and then he starts running. He runs after it. And he hits it again and he runs again. And every time when we finish, he tells me, 'Wasn't it a great day, Dad?'"

"My mother called him 'little prince,'" Celine said. "Actually, we have an extravagant life, but we're trying to live as normal as possible." But Celine says she isn't the only one who dotes on René-Charles! "First of all, my mother's supposed to help me. She raised 14 children. She's supposed to constantly ask me, 'When he is going to stop using a bottle? When are you going to send him to school?' She's doing the opposite. She says, 'He's a baby. When you cut the bottle, your baby's gone.'"
FROM: Miracle Babies with Celine Dion
Published on October 14, 2004


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