Guyland Leday

1. Guyland Leday
Critics have called his talent "spellbinding." When he wowed Oprah in May 2008, 10-year-old Guyland Leday had never taken a music lesson in his life and said he learned to play the accordion in a most unusual way.

When he was 3 years old, Guyland said his great-grandfather Delton Broussard, a famous accordion player, appeared in his dream and showed him how to play. "He came up in my dreams and gave me his accordion," he said. "I just started playing."
Robert Gupta

2. Robert Gupta
When Robert Gupta was 8 years old, he sent a letter to Oprah to tell her about his passion for the violin. "Someday I would like to play for you, if you want me to," he wrote.

After playing for Oprah, Robert went on to perform around the world and earned an undergraduate and master's degree—all by the age of 19.

Robert was on his way to becoming a doctor when he realized his true passion was not medicine, but music. Today, at 23 years old, Robert has the distinguished honor of playing "first violin" for the world-famous Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Julian Pavone

3. Julian Pavone
You've never heard a little drummer boy like this! Just a year out of diapers, Julian Pavone got his first set of drumsticks and started pounding out beats like Ringo. "My husband plays the drums, and he was practicing one day and he had Julian on his lap," Julian's mom said. "Julian reached up and grabbed the sticks, and essentially, the rest has been history."
Michael Province

4. Michael Province
When he appeared on The Oprah Show, Michael Province was a 13-year-old who said playing the violin was his passion in life. After reading A New Earth with his mom, he said he could feel its influence in his performances. "It affects my violin playing so much because you have to be in the moment. You can't think about the future or the past when you play the violin," he said. "It's amazing."
Ryan Holladay

5. Ryan Holladay
At the age of 5, Ryan Holladay "picked" his way all the way to the Grand Ole Opry. He made his debut on The Oprah Show at 12 years old and mesmerized the audience with his fast finger work.
Noah Gray Cabey

6. Noah Gray Cabey
In 2002, 6-year-old Noah Gray Cabey brought down the house with his piano playing. Noah went on to co-star in TV shows like My Wife and Kids and Heroes. Today, at age 15, he's already applying to college.
Jennifer Lin

7. Jennifer Lin
When most children were learning to read, Jennifer Lin was astounding friends and family by composing her own music. By the time she hit 10, Jennifer was winning awards in major music competitions, often beating people twice her age.

In 2005, Jennifer wowed The Oprah Show audience with a performance of Franz Liszt's ???Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6,??? and created an original composition on the spot using fives notes selected at random by Oprah.

Jennifer is graduating from UCLA this year with a degree in music composition and plans to go into musical theater.
Ethan Bortnick

8. Ethan Bortnick
Piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick started playing at age 3 and was already composing his own pieces by age 5. He's shared the stage with music greats like Nelly Furtado, Gloria Gaynor and Patti LaBelle. When he first appeared on The Oprah Show, Ethan didn't let his talent go to his head. "We still have to stay humble," he said.

Since then, Ethan was the youngest musician invited to perform on the star-studded We Are the World - 25 for Haiti CD, and he even starred in his own hour-long special on PBS.

At 10 years old, Ethan is now the youngest artist to headline his own national tour. "I'm still staying humble," Ethan says. He has helped raise nearly $30 million by performing at dozens of charity benefits. The young philanthropist frequently stops at hospitals to play piano and sing to sick children.
Quinn Sullivan

9. Quinn Sullivan
When he first appeared on The Oprah Show, Quinn Sullivan was a real-life 9-year-old guitar hero who'd been wowing audiences since he first picked up the instrument at age 3.

Thanks to his talent, Quinn has been where few third-graders have ever gone—onstage with blues legend Buddy Guy!
Lang Lang

10. Lang Lang
The New York Times has called master pianist Lang Lang the "hottest artist on the classical music planet." He began playing the piano at age 3, and by the time he was 5, he wowed his first audience at a public recital. Lang Lang's big break came at 17, when he was called on at the last minute to fill in with the Chicago Symphony. In 2008, he mesmerized viewers across the globe with his performance at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies.

At 26, he launched the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, which nurtures young pianists.

In 2009, Lang Lang and three of his scholars, 8-year-old Anna Larsen, 8-year-old Charlie Liu and 10-year-old Derek Wang, performed Rachmaninov's "Waltz for Six Hands" on The Oprah Show

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