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Ayaan and Idyl, twin sisters from Brooklyn, New York, are trying to launch their own fashion label, and they have a question for Mary-Kate and Ashley. Though they say they're best friends as well as sisters, Ayaan and Idyl sometimes clash when creating pieces for their line, Mataano, which means "twins" in Somali.

"Ayaan likes to micromanage, and I like to divide the work so we can be more productive," Idyl says. "Do you guys ever have arguments like that?"

When they first became business partners, Mary-Kate says they had trouble communicating their ideas with one another. "We speak differently, in general," she says. "We'll be saying the same thing, and we think we're disagreeing with each other, so sometimes we'll be fighting about the same thing."

If you're working with a close family member, Ashley says compromising is key. "It's about giving up a little bit of the control as well so you guys can have a more balanced relationship."
FROM: Young Millionaire Moguls: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen
Published on October 23, 2008


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