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Gurbaksh believes that in order for someone to have success, they must first dream of what they really want to do and not be afraid to strive for it. "My dream was I wanted to go ahead and control my own destiny and not be at the whim of someone trying to put me down because of my appearance or who I was," he says. "I wanted to be successful and run my own company so I didn't have to report to anybody."

Gurbaksh also says that money should not be your ultimate goal. "Any time you start something with the idea that money's everything, you're going to end up making decisions that are based on greed, based on short-term goals, and not eventually long-term happiness."

Balance is another key ingredient to a happy life, something Grubaksh says he didn't always have. "Life's short, so put yourself out there, have fun and do everything that makes you happy."
FROM: Young Millionaire Moguls: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen
Published on October 23, 2008


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