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As a child in the public schools on the east side of San Jose, California, Gurbaksh says he was picked on for being different because he wore a turban to school in observance of his religion. "I'd come home probably four out of five days with my turban in my hands and you know, come running, crying to my grandmother for some support," Gurbaksh says. She would assure him that things would eventually get better. "That was the only hope I had," he says. "So for me the fact that she said that made me realize, 'All right, you know what? I'll go to school another day.'"

Gurbaksh says that like most kids, there were times when he desperately wanted to fit in but he realized he never really would. "I'm willing to accept that. And because of the fact it really matured me in a way where I used that negative noise as energy," Gurbaksh says. "And in a way, go ahead and find out what my true passion was, what my strengths were and really figure out life at an early age."
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Published on October 23, 2008


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