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The Prize Patrol has more money to give out—this time to an Oprah Show audience member. Each person in the audience filled out a form when they arrived to Harpo Studios, and David Sayer of the Prize Patrol picked one lucky winner of  $25,000 at random: Sue Draper. 

Sue says this surprise was meant to be. "My husband did this for me," she says. "He was very ill for the last two years. He had leukemia. ... I had these tickets since 2007, and we couldn't come because every time we turned around, he'd relapse. So when this came together, I said: 'All right, Lee, this is what you want for me so badly. I'll go so something special will happen.'" Sue's husband passed away less than two months ago, but she says this was his last gift for her. "I thought maybe I'll get a picture with Oprah or something. I got a dream way bigger." 

The Prize Patrol isn't letting anyone go home empty-handed. Every audience member is getting $500!
FROM: Big Million Dollar Winners and This Is It Premiere
Published on October 28, 2009


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