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Adam Rose, a California teacher, made less than $11 an hour when he stood in line for 18 hours to be in the audience ofThe Price Is Right. Those hours of patience certainly paid off. Adam became the biggest winner in The Price Is Right history when he won $1 million plus two showcases. Immediately, Adam put his newfound fortune to good use. 

"The first thing I thought was, 'I don't have to work two jobs anymore,'" he says. "I was able to pay off my bills and get to spend a lot more time with my daughter." 

Adam also bought a house, an SUV, cars for his family, opened his own daycare center and donated money to charity. As if that wasn't enough, Adam gave $1,000 each to the two audience members who helped him practice prices during the long wait in line.  

Drew Carey, host of The Price Is Right, says that as great as Adam's reaction was, he's seen crazier. "We had a women pee herself when she was playing Plinko," he says. "And she only won $21,000!"
FROM: Big Million Dollar Winners and This Is It Premiere
Published on October 28, 2009


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