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Adam Lippes, creator of the Adam+Eve clothing company, just may have crafted the perfect white T-shirt. "I sleep in them and then I get up and I work out in them and then I go shopping in them," Oprah says. "It's a tee that will take you anywhere."

Before setting out on his own, Adam trained with some of the best in men's fashion, including Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. "The idea behind the company was to create the perfect white T-shirt," Adam says. "I had trouble finding the perfect T-shirt for me—one that I could wear to work to a very dressed-up workplace, and also out at night."

To ensure his shirts' quality, Adam uses only fine materials like silky pima cotton imported from Peru. He says he finds inspiration in vintage photos and beautiful Indian embroidery and fabric.

Take a look at Adam+Eve's line of fashions.

Oprah says she loves the T-shirt, but wishes Adam+Eve would make some pants out of that same silky T-shirt cotton. Adam surprises Oprah with the perfect pair of "travel pants!"
FROM: The Big Idea That Made Millions
Published on May 04, 2006


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