The Anna Karenina Finish Line
Actress Megan Mullally is one of Anna's biggest fans
This summer, actress Megan Mullally traded the script of Will and Grace for the pages of Anna Karenina. She admits her favorite character is the young Kitty, but what did Megan think of Anna, the tragic heroine?

"The whole breakdown, or Anna Karenina's entire mental unraveling, is really interesting. Of course, now she could just, like, take some Paxil and it all would be cured. But, you know, they didn't have those mood stabilizers back then.

"I heartily recommend it to one and all. It's so rich. It's pretty great. There were times, I must admit, since it is 817 pages long, that I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it. But you can't wait to get back to it and get back to the story."

Megan wasn't the only one singing the praises of Tolstoy…