Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is a five-time Emmy winner, a best-selling author and host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Every night, millions of loyal viewers tune into the satirical news show to see Jon and his gang of wickedly funny correspondents give their own spin on the day's biggest headlines.
Jon Stewart

Jon's book on American history and government, America (The Book), offers his insights into our unique system of government. "Actually," Jon points out, "a lot of the things in [the book] are not true."

Check out Jon's guaranteed hilarious—if not 100 percent accurate—answers to your questions about American democracy.
Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe has become famous answering some of the ickier questions of everyday life. As host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, he sniffs out the most dangerous and disgusting professions in America.

"The reason we do the show is because nobody ever gives a shout out to [sanitation workers]," Mike says. "They really keep things running."
Mike Rowe

Mike's engrossed by the grossest jobs. Who makes their living cleaning out septic tanks? Who do you call when cockroaches get out of control? And the big question many of us have—where does all the poop go? Mike's on special assignment to flush out the problem and report his findings.
A.J. Jacobs

A.J. Jacobs has read all 32 volumes of Encyclopædia Britannica—that amounts to about 44 million words! He's the editor at large for Esquire Magazine and author of the New York Times best-seller The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Guy in the World.
A.J. Jacobs

A.J. says reading the encyclopedia is one way to keep memory from diminishing with age. If you don't have time to read the whole set, you can just read his book, he says. "I give you the best part."

Where does fat go when you lose weight? Why are barns red? If you have a question, A.J. has the answer!
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Published on September 22, 2006


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