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Two sets of multiples make life a little more complicated for the Gosselins. While Jon's at work, Kate relies on to-do lists, shopping lists and schedules to run the household.

Kate spends most of her time cooking healthy, organic meals for her family of 10. "My day is make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, clean up everything, wipe this one, change that one, deal with this one," she says. On average, Kate says she runs the dishwasher two or three times a day and uses about 1,200 paper plates every month.

Mealtime usually leaves Kate with eight messy kids and loads of dirty laundry. "I do at least two loads a day, with the most being five a day," she says. "By 4 p.m., I would say, 'It's two more hours until Jon comes home, and I'm ragged.'"

How do they keep it together? Kate says they take it one day at a time. "I wake up in the morning, and before my feet hit the floor, I pray for strength for that day because I don't do anything beyond that day," she says.

The stress of raising eight children under the age of 8 doesn't always bring out the best in these parents, but they know they're in it together. "It might be a crazy life," Jon says.

"But it's our life," Kate says.
FROM: Raising Sextuplets and Twins, Sean Combs and Phylicia Rashad
Published on March 14, 2008


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