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The temptations of Hollywood can lure young stars into making bad decisions, but Billy Ray says he doesn't worry too much about his daughter. "Miley's got a great heart. She's got a great head on her shoulders," Billy Ray says. "My part for Miley is to be there whether it's the good times or the bad times. I want to be the person that she calls and says, 'Hey, Dad, I [did] this,' or 'I want to talk about this,' or 'What would you do if this happened?' I just want to be Miley's friend and [for her to] know that I love her through the good times and the bad."

Miley says she has faced some pressure in Hollywood to act a certain way—but she hasn't bowed to it. "You don't have to fall into what everyone else is doing," she says. "I try my hardest just to stay grounded, because I have all these different kinds of people that are older than me, trying to tell me what to do. I just have to say be true to yourself. Be a kid. Grow up slowly."

To reinforce good role models, Miley says her mom, Tish, often brings her articles about celebrities she admires. "[Beyoncé is] her favorite person in the world, and my mom brings me every article," Miley says. "[She says], 'Look, she's so humble, but still amazing.'"
FROM: Teen Phenom Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Shocks Her Biggest Fans
Published on November 21, 2007


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