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She may enjoy the screaming adoration of her fans, but what matters most to Miley is her family. "No one messes with me and my family," she says. "We're so tight. They come first and foremost."

While she's on tour promoting her album Hannah Montana 2, Miley's mom, grandma and sisters keep her company. "We stay up all night and we watch movies and we hang out with the dancers and we all chill," she says. "It's really fun."

When her dad and younger brother aren't on tour with Miley, they try to catch up with her at stops along the way. "Without being home, we're never in the same spot where we can find a good time just for our family to hang out and have it private and just get to talk to each other," she says. "So that's how we find a little space and we can hang out, even if it's just for five minutes."

After Miley squeezes in some quality time with her family, it's all about the fans! Before the show, she signs autographs and chats with people lined up to meet her. "Seeing them out in the concert and hearing them sing every word that you've handwritten is insane," she says. "I think that's the most rewarding and special thing that I see in any of our shows."
FROM: Teen Phenom Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Shocks Her Biggest Fans
Published on November 21, 2007


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